The highest levels of quality possible

The Cascina La Marchesa supply chain is controlled and guaranteed. Cattle are bred in stables in the Langhe and Roero regions in accordance with specific nutritional programmes. The slaughterhouse and the processing plant are located in Ceva, in the province of Cuneo, with state-of-the-art facilities and high standards of hygiene.

The animals are kept in comfortable and sufficiently ventilated spaces, with free access to food throughout the day as well as clean, fresh water in suitable microbiological conditions. This guarantees the welfare of the animals and respect for their needs in accordance with the ClassyFarm assessment system.

The slaughter process takes place on a fully mechanised line set out on two floors to guarantee the utmost hygiene levels and high production standards. Both adult cattle of premium breeds and veal calves are slaughtered.

The butchered meat is sent to the cutting line, which is set out over several levels to maintain high standards of hygiene. Once boned and processed, the meat proceeds to the vacuum packing lines. An automated system sorts packs and batches.

The packed and boxed products destined for domestic and foreign markets can be commercialised either refrigerated or frozen directly on the company premises thanks to the freezing tunnel and -20°C storage cell.

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+39 0174 721957-8